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Beusy: Death Hawke Mesh Hair  [Fatpack] (wearing hairbase only)
Outfit: .Q. Variant -FATPCK- [Freya,HG,Legacy,Lara,eBody,BBL,Katena,9s] @Whore Couture Fair
Shoes: .Q. Variant HL -FTP- [Freya,HG,Legacy,Lara,eBody,BBL,Katena,9s] @Whore Couture Fair
Accessories: SynCo - Musica Set Rainbow Edition @Spoonful Of Sugar  (SOS Donates 50% for an incredible cause<3 more info on their website
Glasses: .Inkhole. Trianglix Glasses 


Wearing:  Hair:  [ChicZafari] - Donut Hair [Carrot] Lingerie:  #POHUI - Astrid @Frou Frou Event Robe:  [Cynful] Widowmaker Robe - Rose [Add me] Hood:  CURELESS[+] Nonentity Hood / MAITREYA (v.1)  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  LB. Geo - Buy All Dress:  +Dreamcatcher+ Sofia Nightdress - Maitreya, Legacy @EBento Event  Shoes:   : CULT : Spike Heels with HUD  Necklaces:   *AvaWay* CARRIE  Necklaces   MICHAN - Anna Necklace  -----------------Flickr-----------------------

Wearing:  Hair:  *PH* disordered hair // 5 // lightbrown  Scales Tattoo:  *Rainbow Sundae* Lizard Scales (Face&Body) @The Ark Panties+Piercing:  SynCo - Stargazer Set - Lara @Frou Frou Event7 Scales Accessory:  Storybook - Brood Mother - Pink Rings:  *elise* - Romina - BENTO Rings Pose+Prop:  #4  Profane Guardian {egosumaii}  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing: Hair: DOUX - Galvez hairstyle [BASIC PACK] Jacket: SEUL - Flame Decal Hoodie - Princess Lingerie: AURORA - Katya @Whore Couture Fair ----------------------------------------------- (2) Hair: LB. Silo - The Mermaid Outfit: 28LA. Candy Girl Set @ANYBody Event Pose: .E l e i. - Like Home (Bento Couple Pose)  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  RAMA.SALON - Stacey Hair 'Blondes Colorant' Dress:  HYPNOSE - MATY  Shoes:  HYPNOSE - LOVE  Necklace:  MICHAN - Moira Necklace Pose:  .Q. Cyberlogic [Pose Pack] @The Liaison Collaborative   -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  .: fiore :. VELMA Hair - All Pack Outfit:  #POHUI - Debby RARE 1 @Cosmopolitan Event Shoes:  -Pixicat- Allure.Heel - Mint (Maitreya)  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing: Hair: Stealthic - Ascension (Browns) Dress: .Q. Vanity -FATPACK- [Freya,HG,Maitreya,eBody,BBL,Katena,9s]  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Hair: Sintiklia - Hair Clover - Crazy colors
Outfit: .Q. Serene -FATPACK- [Belleza,Hourglass,Maitreya,eBody,Katena]
Earrings: +Dreamcatcher+ Rain Cloud Earrings


Hair: .Olive. the Ash'O Hair
Bodysuit: SynCo - CyberGlow Bodysuit - Fatpack - Lara @Liaison Collaborative
Lipstick+Nails: CAZIMI: Lavender Lips & Nails @Designer Showcase
Eyebrows+Freckles: *Rainbow Sundae* Harajuku Brows & Freckles 
Drink: [POHUI] gacha - tumbler cat lavender
Hairbands: +Dreamcatcher+ School Hairband @WhoreCouture Fair


Wearing:  Hair: ELIKATIRA Clio - Blondes Outfit:  AURORA Agness @The Imaginarium Lipstick+Nails:  CAZIMI: Rose Lips & Nails  Necklace:  MICHAN - Bella Necklace   -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Hair: *PH* 8133 -blond- 
Outfit: SynCo - Pinafore Skirt Set @Whore Couture Fair
 Glasses: Hentai Glasses Black
 Tattoo: *Rainbow Sundae* Lotus Love 001 
 Lipstick: CAZIMI: Confidant Lipstick @AnyBODY Event
 Nails: CAZIMI: Confidant Nails @AnyBODY Event


Wearing:  Hair:  *ARGRACE* CHIZURU - Blacks Bodysuit:  CURELESS[+] Stamina Bodysuit / GG  Nail Polish:  CAZIMI: Sugar Rush Nail Appliers @Designer Circle Eyeshadow:  .E l e i. - Boyfriend (Eyemakeup) / Version I HUD/ GENUS @Whore Couture Fair Lipstick:  .E l e i. - Boyfriend (Lipstick) / GENUS HUD @Whore Couture Fair Face Tattoo:  *Rainbow Sundae* Blood Ritual @We Love Roleplay OPENING Sep4th  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing: Hair:  #Besom~Beautiful Maids *Buy All* Dress:  HYPNOSE - TIANA Jewelry: [Black Bantam] Pearl Drop Choker - Large Back Pearl Earrings Shoes:  +Dreamcatcher+ Anastasia heels Maitreya
*Rainbow Sundae* Vampy Gloss   -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  -FABIA- Mesh Hair   <Niki> Black set 8 Outfit:  #POHUI - Alma set @Cosmopolitan Event Tattoo:  *Rainbow Sundae* Blooming Blush Omega   -----------------Flickr-----------------------

Wearing:  Hair:  .Entwined. Daisy - GIFT! Onesie:  #POHUI - Emi jumpsuit #FATPACK  @SaNaRae Event Necklace: SynCo - Tick Tock Pendant Fatpack Eyelashes:  *Rainbow Sundae* Summer Heat Lashes GENUS  Furniture: [POHUI]  Sleepy bunny - Decor set #FATPACK @Cosmopolitan Event  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing: Hair:  .Entwined. Florence / Variety Dress:  HYPNOSE - CARMY Piercing:  SynCo - Thigh Corset Piercing - Fatpack  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  .Entwined. Lexie / Dark Reds Outfit:  [POHUI] Evie gacha WEARING RARES @Imaginarium Event Shoes:  MAJESTY - Runway Visors [black] Shades:  +Dreamcatcher+ Cross Shoes - Maitreya+Legacy @Eclipse  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing: Hair:  RAMA.SALON - Amelia Hair 'Grayscales Colorant' Outfit:  .Q. Blazed -FATPACK- [Belleza,HG,Maitreya,eBody,BBL,Katena] Shoes:  Essenz - Bali (Pack 2) Jewelry:  MINIMAL - Knox set Gold Shades: [RHUDE] Saji Glasses Gold Rings:  Finger Bling Bracelets:  Vibing - Elsie Bracelet - FATPACK FLF  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  ELIKATIRA Genevieve - Blondes Dress:  ERSCH+DREAMCATCHER - Jeong Gacha {Maitreya} Dress RARE + Long Skirt@Equal10 Jacket:  AMITOMO - Be Your Love GACHA - resize - 8 Choker:  ERSCH+DREAMCATCHER - Jeong Gacha Leather Choker Black @Equal10 Shoes:  ERSCH+DREAMCATCHER - Jeong Heels - Maitreya RARE @Equal10 Eyeshadow:  *Rainbow Sundae* Notice Me Eyeshadow  -----------------Flickr-----------------------

Wearing:  Hair:  RAMA.SALON - Bonnie Hair 'BLONDES LIGHT' Bodysuit: .Q. Reminisce -FATPACK- [Freya,HG,Maitreya,eBody,BBL,Katena,9s] @The Grand Event Tattoo: *Rainbow Sundae* Stardust Tattoos @Whimsical OPENING SOON Pose:  +Dreamcatcher+ Pretty Bento poses & hearts   -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing: Hair:  Tableau Vivant // Falling hair Gacha - Downfall - Reds Bodysuit:  +Dreamcatcher+ Tatiana bodysuit Maitreya Eyeshadow:  *Rainbow Sundae* Morgana Eye Makeup Omega @Enchanted Event  Choker:  Passion Fitted Necklace Bindi:  Bewitched ~ Trick or Treat! Multipurpose Moon gift. Butterflies:  TLG - Lace Butterflies Boxed Rings:  Fingertips @L.I.C Bracelet:  Bento Slave Bracelets @L.I.C  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  (NO) Cheetah Bob -Ombre Green Top:  28LA.Katie Top Brownie  Bottoms: 28LA.Katie Pants Blackberry  Shoes:  .: ryvolter :. Elemental Boots - Cherry Jacket:  Pseudo- Bradley Jacket Black  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair: .Entwined. Noella / Fatpack  Outfit:  HYPNOSE - PLAYA BIKINI & DRESS Necklace:  SynCo - Art Deco Inspired Necklace - Fatpack   -----------------Flickr-----------------------

Wearing: Hair:  RAMA.SALON - Janice Hair 'Blondes Colorant' Lingerie:  +Dreamcatcher+ Svetlana lingerie Maitreya & Legacy (WAS @ Frou Frou) Rings:  SynCo - Precious Stone Bento Rings - Fatpack - HUD Unpack Lipstick:  .Q. #MeanGirls Lipstick Originals [GENUS]   -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  .Entwined. Noella / Fatpack  Outfit:  [POHUI] Marie (wearing FATPACK EXCLUSIVE) @Sense Event Prop:  FOXCITY. Balance Bento Pose Set  Shoes:  ::ROC:: Sneaker! White (FEMALE)  -----------------Flickr-----------------------

Wearing:  Hair:  Doe: Blueberry - Indecisive  Dress:  +Dreamcatcher+ Olesya dress Maitreya & Legacy Fatpack Shoes:  REIGN.- SCALLOPED SANDALS- FATPACK Earrings:  [Black Bantam] Pearl Drop Choker - Large Back Pearl Earrings  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  [Mello] Fuzzies Hair 08 Outfit:  28LA. Sunny Day Set Cats @Tres Chic Bags:  Salvadori - Rose Leather 'Tote' Bag (unpacked) Glasses:  Sunglasses Round w Nose Pads Shoes:  HP Paige Sandals  Beige Swirl Maitreya Cigarette:  [DG]Female Ultra Slim Cigarette Necklace:  MICHAN - Becca Necklace  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Wearing:  Hair:  Moon. Hair // - Grayscales - Razor Wire Dress:  SEUL - Psycho Dress - Slime Shoes:  SynCo - Music Wave Platforms - Fatpack Bag:  [Co57] Katana Speedy Monogram Choker:  REVEAL - Bella Choker [Gold] Necklace:  .Quirky. - Nova Set  Glasses:  [RHUDE] Shield Glasses  Fatpack B  -----------------Flickr-----------------------


Hair: Vanity Hair::Way Up -All Reds Pack
Outfit: .Q. Caliente -FATPACK- [Belleza,HG,Maitreya,eBody,BBL,Katena] 
Necklace: MINIMAL - Knox set Gold
Shoes: +Dreamcatcher+ Katya heels / Maitreya @Sense Event
Shades: #Besom~ Boho Love Sunnies (Darks)
Bindi: ~Soedara~ Rough Stone Bindi Black